Pinot Noir frame of mind

First wine was Laetiatia Estate Pinot Noir 2010, Arroyo Grande Valley. 14.1% alc. Intense medium ruby color; classic nose: black and red cherries, cranberry and rhubarb, cola and loam; wonderful balance. I  Enjoyed this Friday night by myself and with friend on Saturday. The wine had really opened up overnight and was far more enjoyable the second day

Most Pinot Noirs at this price range are blends. For example, Laetitia is a blend of about seven different Pinots — about $25, representing Great Value.

Bill Knuttel Pinot Noir Sonoma County California. Alcohol 13.9% again cost is around $20. This wine was from my Zugart wine days and I apopligize but I have never seen this wine in any stores. (Sorry about that; I know it’s very frustrating to read about a wine that you are interested in and not be able to find it.) The Knuttle was a little lighter than the Laetitia , both in color and body. This wine is made from a blend of three Pinots.  This wine is very well balanced and was very enjoyable wine to drink.

My favorite was Argyle Willamette Valley 2009.  Clear garnet red color, great nose and a very light berry tastes.  The word “delicate” comes to mind with every sip of this wine. This wine was highly praised by Wine Spectator and deservedly so, simply a very enjoyable wine.  Hit the stores fast this wine is going to sell out fast. Alcohol 14% cost around $18.00.  I loved the little story on the back label of the wine “this wine has a screw top, because the romance is in the bottle”.  So true, the romance is in the wine.

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