Essential Red

My enthusiasm for wine hasn’t changed, I still love wine.  However, my enthusiasm for telling the world about my wine experiences has dwindled.

That being said when I find a great wine at a very good price I’ll tell the world and let them give it a spin.

The wine I’m talking about is Bogle Essential Red 2009.  Bogle is a well known wine label and is a very steady producer of good and reasonably priced wines.  They also make the Phantom which is a bit more upscale in price and I have two bottles resting in my cellar one may see the light of day sooner after my experience with Essential Red.

The wine is a blend of Old vine Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Syrah.

From the minute I opened the bottle I knew it was going to be a good night.  The nose was pure wine drinker heaven. The nose was Cabernet, rich and very inviting.  The color bright ruby red, hold it up to the light and enjoy.  The taste is incredible it’s a ride, it starts with the Zinfandel, then the Syrah kicks in like a big V8 to give the wine some horse power and lastly the Petite Syrah comes to the rescue blending all the flavors together into fabulous finish that leaves your mouth begging for the next sip.

I would recommend opening the bottle one to two hours before drinking.  This is a powerful, large horse power wine, you’ll enjoy it more if you let it breath a little.

This wine is going to sell out fast.  Get out as soon as you can and get your opportunity to enjoy why we all drink wine.  I know I’m going out to get more.

Stay Thirsty My Friends!