If I had a favorite wine label, I believe it would be Bogle.  Very nice wines reasonable prices, what’s not to like?

Do you know what a Bogle is?  For us Scotts it means Ghost!  It’s from the Middle English Bugge or Bogey and that’s where we get Bogeyman.  A creature that hides in the fields and scares the humans, they are more into perplexing mankind rather than anything sinister.  This is where we also get scarecrows from.

Tonight I enjoyed the top line offering from Bogle Phantom.  Phantom only appears once a year and my bottle is from last year.  I did purchase another bottle for this year and I’ll purchase more to age in my cellar.

First this wine has a beautify nose rich warm and inviting.  The wine showcases three varietals; 52% Zinfandel, my favorite food group, 46% Petite Syrah and 2% Mouruedre.  The blend gives this wine a firm full body taste with a really firm finish.

The wine is aged for 30 months in American oak and produces a wine you don’t want to ignore.  This is a working man’s wine that can be aged like the big boys and enjoyed even more in two to three years.  I want to have a few representatives of this spirit in my cellar.

I enjoyed the wine all by itself; however this is a very food friendly wine and would work well with red meat dishes and game.

Don’t be afraid to bring this specter home.


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