D.R. Loosen Bros 2011 Riesling

IMG_0431It’s a good thing that Griffy on Wine is a blog of laws and not given to the whims of just one man, like some other governmental bodies.

Last week I said no Riesling, absolutely not, and that we would not consider any Riesling wines in our search for the Great White Wine of 2013. Did I really say that? Maybe I said Reichensteiner and just spelled it wrong! Where’s Jay Carney when I need him?

The reason for my grief is I enjoyed one of the best bottles of white wine I’ve had in a while, the D.R. Loosen Bros. 2011 Riesling. I had purchased this wine after reading an article in Wine Spectators magazine on German Riesling. Folks, this was the BOMB! Overlooking the Mosel River , the wine is grown on an Estate that has been passed down for 200 years. The vines are on average 60 years old.

The color is a clear yellow. The wine had a noteworthy nose, which surprised me the most because most whites are like sniffing water. I found an inviting aroma of apples and pears. The taste was sweet, refreshing, and it tasted thick. One critic said it was like an apple pie filling, a gross exaggeration, but it is sweet and thick. Again, I got the apples, and pears, and I think a hint of grapefruit. The main reason I liked it was it was refreshing and paired well with my spicy Buffalo wings. I liked the wine so much I purchased another bottle.

The wine snobs hammer the Loosen Bros, with one saying, “Yet another of those American Style overly-sweet Rieslings.” Goodness, I’ll go hang my head in shame for being sweet and one of the most popular Rieslings on the market. Gees.

Wine Spectator routinely awards this wine high marks and praise despite its modest price point of only $12. Wine Trials, a publication that blind tastes under-$15 bottles against $50 had this wine coming out on top. My suggestion is to go buy a bottle and try it yourselves!

Now, I’ll tell you the search for the Great White is in full swing. One variety that has been added to the list is Gruner Veltliner from Austria . Until I got the e-mail I had never heard of this grape, so it went right on the list. If you have suggestions for a vineyard send it along.

I have a La Segreta form Sicily a blend of 50% Grecanico, 30% Chardonnay10% Viognier and 10% Fiano on deck in the cooler. We have Collidi Lapio from Italy , that’s made from the Fiano Grape. Then from Spain we have Columna from the Albarino grape. So get you suggestions in, the list is filling up!

A few e-mails have indicated I might be limiting myself with the exclusion of Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc. I still say the summer is the best time to experiment with wine, so have fun and let your hair down a little bit.


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