The readers in Central New York are going to love this edition of Griffy on Wine!  Today’s wine is Liebestropfchen, and yes, I would have bought it just for the name.  It’s made on the Johnson Estate Winery in Westfield, NY and it’s the bomb!
There are so many stories that go with this wine, but first I have to thank a co-worker Amity for bring the Liebestropfchen to my attention.  Amity grew up in Buffalo; family owns a chocolate business and her dad owns a beautiful boat.  Along with being a very hard worker in the electronics industry, Amity is a talented musician and has a great voice.  Click here to listen to this talented woman and her husband perform their original song, IF NOT FOR DREAMING. 
For Christmas she generally brings me the most wonderful candy in the world, orange cream chocolates.  Well, this year to help protect my health, she got me this wine instead.  Well, the wine is right there in running with the chocolates.  Folks this is a really good wine.  And in keeping with our theme for the Summer, it’s a white wine to boot!  
The name Liebestropfchen is German for “Little Love Drops,” sort of like my nickname LLFB or, “loveable little fuzz ball.”  I wonder what that is in German?  This wine had the best damn label I’ve ever seen on a wine bottle.  Not that it was all artsy and stuff because it isn’t; if anything the label looks like a legal contract, but it’s just full of information about the wine.  It tells you everything you’d want to know.  
The grape is the “Delaware.”  The exact origin of this grape is not known, but they have been making wine with it since 1850 in Delaware, OH.  The Liebestropfchen has a light, golden-straw color.  It’s nose has traces of sweet light pear.  You have to play with it a little bit out of the fridge as you can hardly notice the fragrance, but let it warm and you’ll find it.  If you’re a sweet wine person, the taste is for you: a very sweet, almost syrupy full-bodied flavor that blended white fruit pears, apple, and hint of lemon.  The bottle says it has the, “favor and character of a French Sauternes.”  I don’t know what that is exactly, so I guess we’ll have to find out about that as a subject for another Griffy on Wine adventure.
The infomercial on the label recommends that this is too sweet to be used as a dinner wine.  I almost agree, but I paired it with a chicken, orange, and walnut salad with oil and vinegar dressing and the wine put the flavor through the roof.  Please try it and let me know if you agree.  Josephine and I also enjoyed it all by itself while watching American Idol finally on TV.  I discovered a little ice after the bottle had been out for a while cut the syrup factor way down.
On page two of the label you get the history of the Johnson Estate Winery and it makes you want to get into your car and go.  It’s the oldest “estate” or “farm” winery in New York.  Located on the Southern shore of Lake Erie, the Johnson Estate Winery is bracketed by the Allegheny Plateau, where I hear they make some really good Pinot Noirs.
The bottom line is if you can find this wine it’s worth bringing home and enjoying.  The other story is there has never been a better time to be a wine drinker.  The United States is the fourth largest producer of wine in the world, so get out, visit a vineyard this year, and enjoy some local wines.  And listen to If Not For Dreaming, that video was just one of four they currently have on YouTube. Enjoy!

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