Bila-Haut Pays D’Oc


Bila-Haut Pays D’Oc
Okay, I think I need to call a meeting of the rules committee.  I did not include rose wines in our Great White Wine Hunt, however, I want you to go out and buy this wine!  Yeah, I think it’s that good.
We have met Michel Chapoutier before with his Bila-Haut Les Vignes Cotes Du Rossillion (Griffy on Wine Aug 23, 2012; wow I’ve been doing this long enough that I can now site myself as a reference!)  This guy makes great value-priced wines.  It was rated a Wine Spectator’s best buy under $15 at the beginning of June.  I’d bet this wine could make the Wine Spectators top 100 wines for 2013.
I never gave rose wines a second thought, too girly, but recently I was looking at wines and was attracted to a whole front end display of roses.  I thought “shiny, pretty…must buy something,” so I did: two bottles of rose of which this was one.
The D’Oc is a blend of Grenache and Cinsault, pressed gently together with good skin contact and fermented in stainless steel to produce a pale salmon pink crisp cool berry concoction that just begs you to drink.  And I did, like a starving mosquito in a nudist colony.  If you are a Rhone Ranger this is you summer time alternative to enjoy with your seafood and salads.
The rules committee has decided that we cannot add this to the Great White Wine Hunt for 2013, but have determined that you’d be foolish not to include this wine on your summer wine drinking agenda. 

“Adversity is a testament of God, but the confidence to believe in yourself defines the reason for Living.” In Memory of John D’Amico 1927 to 2013


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