Planete La Segreta


Alright, time to get back on course with the Great White Wine Hunt, and this week’s white is a home-team favorite in my household: Planete La Segreta from Sicily.  A blend of 50% Grecanio, 30% Chardonnay, 10% Viognier, and 10% Fiano, the Planete La Segreta is a very nice summer wine.
As you know I love Sicily, so there is bonus point number one for this wine.  Planete is also one of my favorite wine makers, so they’re up 2-0.  Still, while this was a good wine, it was not the hard hitting ball player I had hoped for; more of a speedster who can beat out a slow dribbler down the baseline.  The color was of light straw with green hues, and I must say, though I wasn’t expecting the color, I liked it.  It’s the Chardonnay that gives it the straw color.  There was also more aroma than I expected, it was an enjoyable fragrance of peaches and melon.  When we got to the first taste of the Planete, that was as expected and I wanted more.  It was fresh, not overly sweet, with good balance and fruit flavors.  Delicious!
Fiano most likely gave the flavor to this wine.  They have been growing this grape in Sicily for about two-thousand years–they are getting pretty good at it–but it’s not Sicilian, it hails from Campania.  Hey, if the cat has kittens in the oven do you call them briskets?  I think that’s an old Sicilian proverb, because if you weren’t born there,  no matter how long you’ve lived here, you’re not Sicilian!
Grecanio is Sicilian and most likely added acidity to the wine.  Viognier is a French-influence and most likely contributed to the wine’s aroma.  I swear I think the Chardonnay is in here just as bulk filler because it has a rather neutral contribution to this wine, which is fine because of the rules prohibiting Chardonnay from the contest.
I think I might look for a better interpretation on the Fiano grape to see if I can get more excited about this wine than I experienced with this bottle, but the Planete La Segreta is a worthwhile bottle of white.

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