Weingut Groiss Gruner Veltliner

Gruner Veltliner is a new name to my vine lexicon.  This wine came as a recommendation from a reader, and while I was totally unfamiliar with it, as were my tasting buddies, we nonetheless polished off 1.5 liter in easy order over a turkey dinner and were all very impressed.
The Gruner hails from Austria and has been grown there since Roman times.  It’s thought to be originally from northern Italy, in the vicinity of the Valtellina area, but DNA testing has not found any link with the grapes from that area.
The website for Weingut Groiss is pathetic, they really need to invest a few Euro’s and get a site that projects some kind of positive image of their wine and company.  Every review I read seems to be copied and pasted from that same website.  None would ever convince someone to try this wine, and that’s a shame because this wine is really good.  
The Weingut Groiss is a young wine.  I don’t know if the wine is age worthy, most whites are not, so my recommendation is buy and age in the refrigerator about as long as it takes to cool down to drink.  The color is clear, almost no color at all, and there is a slight nose; I detected apple, other tasters got lemon.  The flavor was great: citrus and spices, definitely not the usual flavor from a white.  It was dry, not sweet at all, and as I said paired magnificently with a roast turkey diner. 
Though very good, it is possible that the Groiss was not the best representation of this wine.  I will certainly be looking at the Gruner grape again, it was unique, showed great character, and above all was an absolute joy to drink.

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