Quilceda Creek 2009

IMG_0708I’m unworthy, I’m unworthy…

Feeling every bit like the minion that I am who’s been given the perfect bottle of wine by Despicable Me’s super villain Gru, I come humbly to review this week’s wine.

Quilceda Creek, a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Columbia Valley of Washington State, must hold the world’s record for wine scoring, most-consistently, superior. Its 10-year average is 98, was in the Top 100 of Wine Spectator Magazine last year, and it’s number 10 on that list again this year. Winemaker Paul Golitzin, who took over from his Dad Alex in 1988, has found the formula for making Cabernet’s of just amazing, supple taste and depth, with 98% Cabernet and a 2% dash of Merlot, culminating in a 22-month nap in 100% French oak. Who knew perfection could be so simple?

And the wine is just that: perfection. Pouring the Quilceda Creek was like watching liquid purple silk come out of the bottle. The nose was faint at first, I should have decanted, but as the air opened the wine it also opened the bouquet. I got licorice, spice and yes indeed, everything nice. The taste was, in one word, refined. And it only got better with every sip. Dark fruit, plums, and the aforementioned licorice and spice splash across the palate. You could taste and appreciate the tannins, but the wine was so well balanced that it was simply a blast to drink.

The thing that made the Quilceda Creek such a joy was its subtleness. It wasn’t one thing that made the wine outstanding, it was everything working together that left the wine done to perfection. Like a Rolls Royce or an Armani suit, this wine didn’t overpower, but rather exudes luxury and quality. This is a wine that you could buy and drink, or put it in your wine collection to drink in twenty years, and it would taste even better.

Now, I’m not sure if it is because my tastes are not as refined and educated as they should be, or maybe it’s because I am just a minion, but you don’t have to spend $100’s of dollars to enjoy outstanding wine. I have reviewed wines in this blog that I feel were every bit as good as this wine at a fraction of the cost, however not a consistent as this wine. So you don’t need to spend big bucks to enjoy great wine but you have to be willing to spend something more than the cost of your average factory wine.

Minion to Gru “Can I drink this”?

Gru to the Minion “ All Right, when we put our cups together, let’s make the “clink” sound with our mouths. Ready”?

Minions “Clink”



2 thoughts on “Quilceda Creek 2009”

  1. I am glad you enjoyed it John. I am also glad that is wasn’t damaged by my mishandling. I have a 2011 and will have a 2012 coming next Jan. We need to share one together.

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