RJR Reserve Special Cuvee 2011


How do you drink a unique wine?  U-nique up on it!
As I was writing this post it was a snowy day here in CT.  I worked from home, but my commute still took over two hours as I still had to clear my driveway.  So, as a special treat for all my hard work, I opened a bottle of wine from the Wall Street Journal wine club, RJR Reserve Special Cuvee 2011.
This…wine…was…awesome!  It might have been the euphoria of my workout pushing 8 to 10 inches of snow around with a very large snow blower, or the fact that I’m involved with a “biggest loser” contest at work and the wine is hitting my system more directly.  It could just have been that I recently cut my wine consumption to ridiculously low levels and hadn’t had a standout bottle in a while.  However, when I poured the ink-black purple liquid from the bottle, drew in the exceptional dark cherry aroma, and tasted the blackberry, black cherry, and chocolate flavors, my wine drinking mojo erupted.  It took a week for the smile to fade from my face.  
The RJR is 53% Petite Sirah, 35% Carignan and 2% Malbec.  I think it’s the Carignan that makes this wine so exceptional; at very least I know it’s what gives its special color.  If you have not experienced the Carignan, do yourself a favor and get introduced. The Petite Sirah is a major weapon in the California winemaker’s arsenal, blended into most California wines to lend body because its high acid content.  Oh, and by the way, this wine can sit on the shelf until 2016 and still deliver the goods.
This Special Reserve Curvee hails from Lodi, California, an area best known for its Zinfandels.  Constantly overshadowed by Napa and Sonoma, Lodi makes wonderful wines that offer a great value when compared to the more opulent zip codes of the West Coast.
But the real star is Reed Renaudin, the winemaker behind RJR, and his 12-year old winery, X Winery.  I think X must be for exceptional!  Yeah, I stole that!
I’ll order this wine again and lay it up for another snowy night, or any time I want a unique wine.

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