ST. Laurent Vom Steinfeld 2006


Most of life’s best experiences happen completely by accident, and in the case of this week’s wine we have a completely incidental pleasure.  The most perplexing question with this wine right now is where the hell did it come from?  I don’t remember where I purchased it, or why for that matter.  I’m not a casual wine buyer, my purchases are pretty specific and purposefully done, so I usually don’t buy a wine I don’t have a reason to buy.  I need an answer to this very important question because, well, it’s a damn good wine and I’d like more!
The varietal is St. Laurent, and if you’ve heard of it you’re a better wine man than me.  It’s a member of the Pinot Noir clan.  This bottle hales from Austria and is a surprisingly good red from a country known for its whites.
Pouring from the bottle is a dark, almost black-purple drink with the scent plumb.  I loved the nose, but just as quickly as it entranced my sense of smell, it faded.  The taste was a silky dark cherry, combined with a hint of cigar smoke, and ending with a nice finish.  What you have here is a great, well-balanced, elegant wine that is worth whatever the hell I paid for it!  I read in the reviews that this is an age-worthy wine, and my bottle is from 2006 so I whole heartily agree, although my bottle gave it’s full measure in one sitting.
The vineyard is Johanneshof Reinisch; wow that name just flows off the tongue doesn’t it?  It’s located about 30km south of Vienna and has been producing wine since 1923.  Ratings on this wine range from a low of 85 to a high of 90 points, well worth a hunt to find.  And lo and behold, I have found where I got my bottle, Mount Carmel Wine and Spirits in Hamden, CT.  The reviews have listed a cost of around $20 for this wine, but my receipt says I paid $8!  Good deal Griffy!
I had a fling with beer,
A Passionate affair with Cognac.
But, the love of my glass is wine!

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