Corte Gardoni Le Fontane Bardolino 2011



What does today have common with the third Thursday in November?


Trust me I will make the connection.


We are talking about a wine that I doubt many of you know; Bardolino.  Bardolino, is a fun red wine that comes from a chain of hills running along the east side of Lake Garda, in the Province of Verona, Italy.  The Grapes used to make Bardolino (Corvina, Veronese, Rondinella) are the same used to make Valpolicella, however the wines couldn’t be more different.  


Valpolicella is a full-bodied, fairly elegant wine, while Bardolino is much lighter in color and body, thus making it far more party-oriented.  The main reason is Bardolino relies far less on the Corvina, and instead places more emphasis on Rondinella which is far more neutral in flavor.


Our wine for this tasting is Corte Gardoni Le Fontane 2011 Bardolino.  It’s from the Piccoli family winery.  They have been making their own wines since 1980, but as a family they have a 400 year history in growing grapes.


The wine is a blend of 60% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, and 10% of a white wine, Bianca Di Custoza.  The color is a crisp clear red, with an intense but fleeting bouquet of flowers and red berries.  The Bardoline’s taste was like an overdue spring day, very light body, refreshing, with red cherries and strawberries.  No finish at all, when it’s gone it’s gone.  This is a drinking wine not a thinking wine; nothing serious here,  just a nice, easy quaffable wine.  Oh, and I recommend you serve it chilled.


So what other wine fits that description? BEAUJOLAIS!  Bingo, Bardolino is an Italian Beaujolais.  Though it’s not the same grape, you still get the same taste, aroma, and fun factor.  When is Beaujolais Nouveau?  Why, the third Thursday in November!  So all this wine needs is a marketing campaign, which is why I proclaim the third Thursday of May BARDOLINO GUSTARE!  To be fair, I could make it any other day for that matter.  Go get a bottle of Bardolino, and be happy.  I got mine at Center Street Wine and Spirits in Wallingford, CT.  Enjoy, taste, and savor the flavor of springtime.  Make it a party: wear a loud tie, or a vest, or a funny hat, have fun with it!

“Wine – it should be enjoyed for the benefits of the soul – and nothing more.” – Peter Fiduccia, Wine Lover

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