Return to Quilceda Creek



Sounds like the title to a John Wayne western!

Nope, we’re talking wine here partner, high end, the good stuff.  Quilceda Creek is a premium wine, in a past blog I reviewed  Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon (January 24th 2014) and it demonstrated exactly why it’s 10 year average Wine Spectator score of 98 and 10 year run on that magazine’s top 100 list.  The wine is as near to perfect as can be achieved.  But at $225 a bottle, it should cook, clean, and walk the dog.  So, the question is can they make a wine for under $100 that is equally as good?

The answer is, well, pretty freaking close.  The wine we are talking about is Quilceda Creek Red Wine  2010.  The wine is a red blend: 81% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, 2% of one of my personal favorites Cabernet Franc and 1% Malbec.  The wine still has a premium price tag of $70.00 and a Wine Spectator’s score of 92.

In trying to compare the two it would be like comparing any real luxury automobile to a Rolls Royce.  The Cabernet like the Rolls is in a class all by itself.  But those other cars are awesome too at a fraction of the cost.

So it is with this wine.  Pretty Awesome!  The up front perfume is intensely gratifying and I found myself going back to the glass time and again sometimes I actually took a sip.  The aroma was just great.

Color was a beautiful red, which if you hadn’t seen the stately royal purple of the upscale version color you would not had been disappointed.

Taste, yummy!  That’s a technical term trust me.  The wine had a full body, red and black fruits, a little spice, and a tad cedar, lots of great flavor, long gratifying finish.  The only way you would know this wine lacked the polish and elegance of the other upper tier offering is if you had double down the cash and purchased the big kahuna!

So Pilgrim, the bottom line for this cowboy is this was a great wine, with a big ticket price tag and would certainly make a special occasion, even more special.  But please don’t drink this with Pizza, show some respect.

You don’t have to spend $70 or $225 for a bottle of wine.  Stick with me and we’ll enjoy some pretty good $10 and $15 bottles.  But every now and then splurge and go big. You’ll be a better wine drinker for it.


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