McPherson Cellars Wine Vibes

One of the Texas wines I tried when I was in Texas.

I Heart TX Wine

Fortunately for those of us who can’t spend every weekend traveling and tasting wine across Texas- which would totally rock- more Texas wines are being sold in our local stores. Only you miss experiencing the winery itself; but, open a few bottles of the same label and you’ll usually find their unique vibe. After tasting McPherson Cellars 2010 Viognier and 2009 Sangiovese a couple years ago, I found their vibe. And I liked it. I will make it to Lubbock for a legit visit someday! To me, McPherson wines are elegant and pleasant, but confidently strong and independent. My notes on the Viognier- color was like a golden yellow sapphire; nose had apricot and peach; taste was deep, rich and complex; finish was strong for a white wine. It was like a lovely, delicate young lady with underlying strength, depth and confidence. My notes on the Sangiovese- color was earthy…

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