What’s in a number?



Say the number 5,000.  Sometime this week Griffy on Wine was viewed for the 5,000 time by some lucky individual.  This is  a milestone to be sure.  But what is in that number 5,000?

The guy that got me started blogging, Gary Vaynerchuk, who has become a millionaire due to his wine blog, would remind me not to worry about hits, but rather to concentrate on content.  Great content will yield great numbers.  Two things are required to get people to read your blog: either you touch them emotionally or give them information.  I hope I do both.

Another number in this 5,000 is 700; as in bottles of wine.  This stat comes from the lovely and talented Josephine, who seems to monitor things like this.  She keeps the corks, and occasionally reminds me, while pointing at the corks, “there’s a vacation.”  700 seems like a lot, but I have 100 more in the cellar and plans to buy, and drink, even more.  And yes, I plan to tell you all about the tasty and interesting ones.

30 is the number of wine stores I have bought wine from and or visit on a fairly regular basis.  The best way to learn and get great recommendations on wine is to make friends and contacts with people who sell the product.

I’ve toured 17 vineyards in 4 different countries.  Something about seeing the vines growing puts a smile on my face, a spring in my step, and a strong desire to hit the sampling room to try it all out.  Vineyards are beautiful, calming, and relaxing, so I recommend visiting one near you as often as you can.

I’ve read about 14 wine books, including one that was all about corks.  That guy was a great writer to keep me interested in corks for 348 pages.  Reading pairs extremely well with wine.  Add a little cheese and some fruit, peace and serenity soon will follow.  You guessed it, I have more books on the way.  I’m known at my public library as the wine guy, and I’ve been told their favorite title is, “RED, WHITE, AND DRUNK ALL OVER.”

Countless hours of reading Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Snooth and other wine blogs, research, vineyard blogs, Wikipedia; you would think this would keep my out of trouble, but it doesn’t.  I get yelled at for being on the computer too much.  For writing too much.  For talking about wine too much.  But the joy and the satisfaction of learning about something I have passion for is pretty cool.

One of the most precious numbers I have is one beyond counting: the quantity and quality of new friends made since starting this journey.  There’s Mario, who opened my eyes to Italian wine, and Charles, who is my French wine guy.  Tony, Ernesto, Sal and Jim are my wine drinking buddies.  Two young women Jo and I met in Spain from Hawaii (I hope you’re still reading), “mind blowing”, inside joke, sorry folks.  Many readers have sent me stories and tell me they enjoy the blog.  My Texas connection who sends me great ideas on wine varietals to try, my New York groupies, who get me wines that I can’t get in Connecticut, you all have my thanks. Look at me I’ve got peeps! People who share my love and respect for wine.

Most importantly I have to recognize the number of hours my kids have put into making Griffy on Wine a reality.  A big shout out needs to be made to my youngest daughter, Vic, my son, Willie, my daugher-in-law Dana, and Beny, my soon-to-arrive grandson.  They have been there to help with my lack of computer skills, my forays into social media, and my general lack of basic spelling and grammar.  And there’s Nathan, Austin, and Kiely, my young apprentices, who have all demonstrated the correct way to sample wine at their school’s milk and cookie break, much to the chagrin of their Mom.  It goes without saying, but through family dreams can be made into realities.

And finally to you, the readers.  Keep reading please.  That’s what’s in a number, the number 5,000.  It’s all very special to me and I thank you.

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