I have a confession to make: I sometimes drink wine just for the fun of it.  Shocking I know, but with all the BS that sometimes…okay, most of the  time goes with wine, we forget that wine is fun!

Doohickey makes having fun with wine easy.  The very definition of  a Doohickey is, “an object or device whose name you do not know or have forgotten.”  The hook with this wine is they do not tell you the grapes used in making the wine.  All you know is it’s made with “mystery” premium California red grapes.

This wine pours plum-purple.  Point blank, it’s beautiful.  Doohickey has an inviting nose of dark berries and chocolate.  The taste is a smile-inducing flavor of blackberries.  Red blends are all the rage now and this is a very tasty entrant in that clofuded category.

What do I think this wine is?  Well, I love playing the great mouse  detective so here’s my call.  I believe the Doohickey is a Rhone Blend; Syrah, Grenache, and Mouredre.  I’ve definitely discovered the winery and it fits so well, Incognito Wines in Geyserville, CA.  Who’s Incognito?  They are part of Michael David Winery, who markets such well known wines as 7 Deadly Zins, Freakshow, and Earthquake.  The Phillips family has been making wine in the Lodi area of California since the 1850’s.  I suspect that the winemaker is either Derek Devries or Jeff Farthing.  

So what you have here is a obscure wine which tastes great.  Made by an award-winning winery, captained by a very good winemaker, Doohickey can be summed up as an extremely good wine and nothing but fun for a wine drinker.

Sometimes the seriousness of life, the pressures of our day-to-day activities and our nature to over analyse everything brings us to a serendipitous occasion, where a cigar is just a cigar and a glass of wine is just liquid sunshine in a glass.  Somethings are to be experienced in the NOW of life, enjoyed to its fullest and recognized that just for this very short period of time, all is well in the universe and we have every right to be here, happy.

A Doohickey can do that for you!


One thought on “Doohickey”

  1. We had a bottle of your 2013 Dooh?Ckey wine last night – delightful !!! I would like to get more, like a case, where???

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