Orange: the New White – or the Fourth Wine Colour?

Austrian Wine

A new term is dominating the wine trade, forums and fairs these days: Orange wine.  But no one quite knows what it actually means. And no wonder. Because there are no regulations, no rules and no specific definition for this wine style.

Austrian wine journalist Helmut O. Knall tries to shed a bit of light on the subject:

Orange Wine. Where does it come from? Of course an English-speaking colleague invented this term when he had the wine in his glass for the first time. And it’s not inaccurate, especially because many of these wines have an orange shimmer to them when exposed to light. But, to put it simply, it is mainly a white wine that has been matured like a red wine. This means the grapes are not just destemmed and then pressed; first, they soak on their skins for a few hours – which is called maceration.

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