J Opi Malbec 2013

00y4y6os41om8_375x500I enjoy the wines from Argentina, but I typically don’t buy them.  I have my own personal embargo against Argentina that will remain in force until that country’s politicians and notable citizens give up their Socialistic ways.  I do not wish to politicalize wine, but “if you have eyes that see” you couldn’t help but notice that the policies pursued in Argentina are wrong, not working and harming the average person.  If you love them, set them free!

Okay, that’s it!  I’m all fired up, both politically and about the wine.

Today’s wine is from Andean Vineyards in Mendoza.  The Wall Street Journal Wine club must have a good deal with this vineyard because they get a number of different varietals from them. There is this wine, J Opi, and a Malbec blend called “The Wax Bat;” both are good values.

The Chief winemaker at Andean is Rodolfo “Opi” Sadler and he is the mastermind behind both of the wines I just mentioned above.  He is sometimes called “the Magician” and holds numerous awards including “Best Malbec from “The Wines of Argentina” competition.  Not bad in a country full of people making Malbec.  He also has been featured in “Decanter” magazine.

Our bottle of Opi has an inky-dark purple color.  The aroma is inviting, warm like a newly baked cherry pie, while the taste is a super-smooth, medium-bodied red with plum and vanilla.  I paired my wine with apples, brie, and a nice warm fire while looking at vacation pictures on a big screen TV.  It was a wonderful way to pass a cold winter night.

I saved about half the bottle for the next day, and although it had lost a little of it smoothness it still was a great tasting wine.

My guess is everyone reading this has enjoyed a Malbec wine at some time or another, so telling you to try one is a little silly.  And no, I don’t expect you to join my embargo on Argentina either.  What I would ask of you is to lift your glass think about what’s going on in the world, the growth of intolerance, the decline in personal and economic freedom, and ponder what’s going on around you.  Who knows, you might be able to shine a little light for freedom.

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