Borsao Berola 2011

01bqoxb88rafr_375x500Sometimes you just need to pull the Imaginary Canary Yellow Fiat 500 convertible over, forget there is anything called the Winedar, put the tasting notes and textbooks away, and just open a great bottle of wine to enjoy it.  Well, I have the perfect wine to do that right here, Borsao Berola, from Spain.

It can’t be overstated; Spain right now offers the best wine values to be found anywhere.  The Borsao Berola is a perfect example of that.  For $13 you are getting a wine of exceptional value, one that you’d be happy to share and even happier to keep all to yourself.

Borsao Berola a blend of 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah.  The average age of the vines is about 35 to 60 years for the Grenache and about 10 years for the Syrah, and the blend is barrel aged in American and French oak for 14 months.  The color is a nice black cherry tone paired with a beautiful nose of black fruit.  The oak and the Grenache team up for great taste, especially the soft and gentle tannins.  This is a wine that you can sit and give some serious thought to–and I did–or kick back and enjoy dinner and friends with, and I did that too!  Just a very food friendly, people friendly wine.

I am no stranger to Borsao.  I think it is safe to say they are best known for their perennial pleasing Tres Picos.  That is a 100% Grenache wine that is a super performa for under $10.  As is common in Spanish wines, Boja is a co-op, Borsao is the brand name.  Wine production started around 1230 with the Monks at the Monastery of Veruela.  The Boja co-operative was formed in 1958, and in 2001 two other co-op’s, Pozuelo and Tabuenca, joined the team.  They now had the vines, the resources, and a modern wine production facility to go to market with.

Today their goal is to produce premium Grenache based wines.  The folks at Borsao identify very strongly with the old Kingdom of Aragon, a sprawling expanse that included Barcelona, Catalan, Valencia, parts of France to the Rhone river, parts of Northern Italy, and Sardinia.

Spanish winemakers are very expressive in their wines, and you can taste it.  The passion is there in every sip.  Try it and see for yourself.


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