Carnivor Cabernet Savignon 2012

Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon 12If Vegetarian is native American for bad hunter, then Carnivor is wine speak for a really over-promoted, poor Cabernet Sauvignon from Gallo in California.

At first glance I was looking forward to drinking my bottle of Carnivor.  It was a gift by someone who had heard me say the wine looked good.  Well, as we all know, looks can be deceiving.

Unfortunately for the people at Gallo, the high point for this wine is the really nice bottle;  Big, heavy with an understated label and an easy to remember name like Carnivor.  So, I popped the cork and started pouring.  It’s sad to say but the best part of this wine might have been the packaging.

The color of the wine is a very deep purple, and up to this point I’m thinking all systems are go!  But as I glanced my nose over the glass I found my wine was like Ferris Bueller, absent!  A cabernet this dark, in this nice of a bottle, I should have been able to appreciate the nose from across the room.  NOTHING!  Thinking it was me I asked my son-in-law who was sampling the wine with me.  He got nothing either.

Where things go totally to pot is the taste.  Another reviewer of this wine said they got “blackberry, boysenberry, black cherry, licorice, nutmeg, roasted coffee, earthy herbs, cocoa powder.”  Seriously, how do you fit that in the bottle never mind on your palate?  Me, I got a wet mouth!  This wine was soulless, empty, and very unsatisfying. If I had paired this with a steak, the cow would have sued me for defamation.  I might keep the bottle, if only as a reminded that sometimes beauty really is only skin deep.

IMG_1197Matt was done after his first glass, me I tried but didn’t finish a second glass.  Held onto the rest of the bottle to see if it improve overnight, and I’m sorry to report, NO.  The rest went down the sink.

Carnivor is a $10 factory wine that fails to even live up to those limited expectations, which is a shame because Gallo typically produces decent quality. Save your money and aim higher than this.


2 thoughts on “Carnivor Cabernet Savignon 2012”

  1. John, I have had this wine several times and it’s always been a great taste and value. Maybe you got a bad bottle? Try another bottle. Larry Bigelow(Melissa is married to Scott, my nephew–we met at their house 2 summers ago and I have been a faithful reader of your column/posts for 3 years)

    Larry Bigelow

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