Short Sips!

img_2733I’m trying something new here.  Everyone like’s  recommendations on wine.  I feel a little like the Joker in the Batman movie when he’s in an art museum spray painting all the art looking at what he’s done and saying “I don’t know if it’s art, but I like it”!  That’s how I feel about wine, I’m no expert, but I know what tastes good.

Some of the wines I drink  are really good, but I may or may not be able to get a 1,000 word blog from them , so how about a short story about a wine I really enjoyed and would like everyone to consider drinking it?

Here it is Joel Gott Wine.  Check them out at, that alone I thought was worth a story.  Joel Gott wines looks like a small 8 person wine producer in California.  From what I see it’s a blue collar operation and they source grapes from all over California.  Maybe bigger than a shed-esta, but a simple wine and restaurant operation.

I liked the down to earth feel of Joel Gott from the videos on their website, especially after reading the book “The Perfect Score”  about Hall wine and $400,000 grape sorters, and multi million dollar art work in the tasting room.  Not that I’m Judging!

I enjoyed the Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 “815” with friends over dinner and the rest of the bottle while watching the New England Patriots win the AFC Championship.

The thing I liked most about this wine was how approachable it was, how drinkable it was.  It was great with food, shrimp casserole and streak, and tasted great all by itself with the football game. I thought this wine was just plain fun.  Beautiful in the glass.  Great nose, sip once, sniff three or four times, I love a wine I can do that with.  Taste was everything a cab should be, dark fruit, full body, long finish.  Just a really good wine.

You could ponder life the universe and everything while enjoying this wine, but the great thing was, you didn’t have to if you just wanted drink some wine while doing something else.

Griffy Recommended

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