Avincerre Rosso Piceno

This is one of the Short Sippers series.

Avincerre Rosso Piceno, is a great tasting wine that I purchased from the Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party I attended in December.  Like everything thing Italian, simple, does not mean uncomplicated.

The wine is 60% Montepulciano and 40% Sangiovese.  And here we have our first point of confusion. Montepulciano is the grape.  The grape is grown over most of Central and Northern Italy, second only to Sangiovese in number of img_2743vines.  However, there is also a village called Montepulciano, where they happen not to grow any Montepulciano.  But they do make a great wine called Nobile di Montepulciano which contains no Montepulciano only Sangiovese.   “Capeesh”!

Just to make things a little less clear. There is a very popular wine Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, which is made for the Montepulciano grape from in the Abruzzi which is an area just south of Rome.  Our wine is from Marche, which is an area east of Florence, well to the North East of Rome. This concludes our brief tour of Italy.

Back to the wine.  Color is  murky garnet,  but I would call it foggy purple.  Great aromatics.  Medium body, dry with dark fruit and great taste.  The Wine was pleasant all by itself, but if you use the Sommology feature on the Traveling Vineyard website it will suggest cheeses and entrees you can pair this wine to.  Following the advice on the website I enjoyed my wine with gouda and provolone for starters and main meal was barbecued spare ribs.  Sommology was dead on the wine and the food worked great together.

Keep drinking!


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