Short Sips #3

This week I must confess I’ve been more concerned about enjoying wine that reading or writing about it.  A little bit of writer’s block. Or maybe I’ve simply been unwilling to flog English grammar.

I did read a nice story by Matt Kramer of Wine Spectator Magazine “The $20 Challenge”.  It was nice to see a wine writer writing about wines that us mere mortals can afford.  Some writers idea of affordable is $50.  Matt went back to his youth, did some inflation adjusting math and picked some winners at or below $20.00.  Yes, my sweet spot.  Unfortunately armed with Wine Searcher I went hunting for the recommended wines and found NOTHING! Which is one reason I gave up on Wine Spectator because I could never find any of the wines or at least the affordable ones anywhere near me.

So, with a party planned for Friday night and dinner planned for Saturday night I felll back on my one tried and true buddy TOTAL WINE.

img_2789First winner was Double Black a Zinfandel from Paso Robles.  This was a $12 bottle that tasted like $25 and I kid you not!  The color was BLACK.  The aroma was dark fruit and spice. Flavor was of that same dark fruit and yes a little spice.  Long satisfying finish.  For me the nose was the thing that drew me into the wine.  Others at the party agreed this was a winner.

Second winner was Monte Clavijo 2014 tempranillo-garnacha rose.  I love img_2788rose wine.  But this wine was selected for the ladies.   At $8.99 a bottle this wine was batting well above its pay grade.  It accomplish exactly what I wanted it to do great taste, food friendly low tannins.  I enjoyed the last of the bottle with a bowl of venison chilli, and let me tell you the combo was fantastic.  Again this was a Total Wine selection.

My recommendation is get to Total Wine before these are gone. If you don’t have a Total Wine you might be able to find these.  Great taste, great value and a big hit at a party.  Trust me you will be a hero.


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