Short sipper #5

First, thanks to Brenda at Center Street Wine and Spirits for getting me a bottle of  Gigi Rono, Arneis 2015.  This is the wine I promised to find in the We Try Harder Blog.  


Arneis is the wine grape varietal grown in the Roero ACO that also produces the Nebbiolo red wine that I enjoyed so much.  To be honest the white might be even better.  This wine had unbelievable character.  And character is one thing that is always present in truly good wine.  Color was a pale yellow.  Nose was gripping, pears and honey.  Taste was dry, flavor of pears, honey, mineral and just a hint of Almond.  Josephine said she got butterscotch.  And this is the highest recommendation for any wine, Josephine enjoyed it, nuts to you Parker!  If you have a red wine drinker who says they don’t like white wine, this is the wine to bring them.  For years, every summer I go on the hunt for the “GREAT WHITE WINE”, this is it for 2017.

Oh and I was taught how to pronounce Roero, Roe-EH-roe and Arneis Ahr-NASE.

 It’s Friday, most of you are likely going to have fish tonight, do yourself a big favor, buy this wine, it is in stock at Center Street Wine and Spirits.  I enjoyed mine with shrimp and pasta and it was fantastic.

On Monday I am launching my Encore career in the electronics industry.  Griffy on Wine might get a little shorter and slightly more erratic, but I’m going to try to keep it going.  This is a great personal victory for me and there will be a suitable celebratory bottle of wine purchased for the occasion.  Please stick with me and tell others to check out Griffy on Wine.

Wish me luck!

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