That should be read with the same sense and feeling as Lucy from the Peanuts cartoon series getting kissed by Snoopy.

I’ve got beer germs.  I’m not a beer drinker.  I got frighten by beer when I was in college and I’ve never recovered.  No, it wasn’t what you think.  My first beer was a Gablinger’s.  It was awful.  I couldn’t believe people actually liked drinking that $%!&.  Since then I’ve been  invited to partake of Miller Lite, Ultra Light, Coors, Budweiser, Corona, Heineken, Guinness (I liked that one), Peroni and a dozen or more that I can’t remember their names.  Bottom line.  I’m not  a beer drinker.

We’ll, yesterday was a crazy day for me.  My daughter came to visit for her annual, do my taxes dad day.  Except, she had already had someone else do them.  Ahh! The pain!  First she started buying her own clothing and now someone else is doing her taxes!  What’s next?  Nevermind. Talk about empty nest.

What to do?  Well, lunch of course.  Now I’ve been talking about grilled cheese since 8:00 in the morning, so what do we go looking for PIZZA!  Actually pizza and bourbon at a place I’ve wanted to try for years.  I may have an IQ on beer lower than yeast, but I know my way around bourbon pretty good.  Krust has a downtown location so street parking. Except, we were halfway across town before we found parking. No problem it’s only 5 to 10 blocks.  Did I mention it’s cool for an April day?

We walk, and walk, still walking and arrive, walk in, and guess what?  They don’t open until 4:00.  I know we should have checked the website.  In fact we did, for what pizza we were going to get, not what time they opened.  So we started walking back to the car, noticing that none of the fine food establishments on Main Street opened until 4:00.  It’s true, I don’t go out often.

We go by a Mexican restaurant La Boca.  Mexican food that’s like pizza and a grilled cheese right?  Plus, we really need to get warm. And they were open.  Like we were the only people there open.  I had a Duck fajita with a sriracha sauce, now that’s a combo you just don’t find everyday.  What wine, no wine, beer only, Oh!

So, the waiter, who was either great at table service, or board out of his mind, brought three samples of beer for us to try.  My college experience was clouding my mind.  My daughter picked Sam Adams Rebel IPA, oh no,  I remember not liking IPA’s. I said two!  BTW is the sriracha isn’t going to kill me is it?  Hold the refried beans.  Why am I drinking beer in a Mexican restaurant? Oh yeah, it’s freaking cold outside and the car is parked in another state.  And if all the restaurants don’t open until 4:00, why is there no parking?  I’m never leaving home again.

The meal was pretty good the waiter was very good, the beer, eh, it was wet.

What to do next?  Let’s go to a brewery!  What that hell happen to grilled cheese and taxes?  This is Connecticut we tax everything.

Off to the brewery, no big deal.  It’s just down the street.  What’s that yellow thing in the sky? Oh, the sun, hey, it’s like 34 degrees.  Well, the sun must have confused some people because as we approached the street to go to the brewery we encounter a sea of flashing lights, some one has decided to smash their car in the intersection, only thing to do is go across the bridge, circle through an industrial park, come back over the bridge and go to the brewery.  Mission accomplish.

Did I mention they sun had come out, raised the temperature above freezing.  Did it tell you we’ve had a lot of rain this week, and that the brewery didn’t have paved parking.  Donald, I have a swamp for you to drain.  Yes, we have MUD.  Deep, gooey mud.  Are we having fun or what!

First stop was stubborn beauty brewing company.  My daughter said they had her in mind when they named the place.  I agreed!  Hey, I’ve gotten use to just agreeing with her. Less stress.  Place was packed, I know, because I need a bathroom and couldn’t find it.  They even allowed dogs.  Again we got a great server, they were not doing flights today, but he poured another three samples, hell, I was feeling fine just on samples.  

Now the beer I had here was awesome a stout, whatever that is, poured through coffee.  Sounds awful I know but was the best beer ever, or is that the samples talking?   Oh, and a stout, as I now know is a dark beer, made with roasted malt or barley, hops, water and yeast.  Oh did I mention the 10% alcohol level?  This beer made a believe out of me.  I was thinking of getting a “growler” no, not the light strike vehicle use in the show “Rat Patrol”. No, it’s a 64 ounce beer container I think they used them as a beer glasses in Australia.  And I would have, but I was driving.

Beers finished what to do now, why visit another brewery of course, it’s just out the door hook a right pass the Wee Room, yes I found the bathroom, across the swamp which use to be the frozen tundra to Forest City Brewing.  Hell, getting there was nothing compared to the trek getting to the closed restaurant with no street parking.  I still can’t figure that one out.  More beer please!

Now here is the funniest thing of the whole day.  There’s a food truck.  Guess what they make?  GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES!  Folks you can’t make this up!

We make our way into Brewery.  They are doing flights, and I was way past caring where the bathroom is.  Their offering was way over to the IPA side. Only one stout!  WTH!  My daughter and I decide we’ll share one flight, four beers.  Three IPA and one stout.  I arm wrestled her for the stout.  Okay I cheated, I said look at the puppy and when she did I took the beer.  Okay, I’m not proud but I hate IPAs.  It was good but the coffee stout was outstanding.

Okay, my head is pounding, my taste buds are sueing me for abuse and who knows if we can get the SUV out of the mud without a tow.  And sadly my daughter has a two hour drive home.  Time to go.

I can’t get over how my life is like a country western song.  In fact  Darryl Worley’s song “Awful, Beautiful Life”.  I love my crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life”.
We got home, we talked, I watch her, twenty seven years of blood, sweat tears and laughs, had grown into a pretty amazing young woman.  Not perfect like her father, but pretty amazing.  I did make the grilled cheese sandwiches, and yes, they were awesome.  And with a melancholy feeling only a dad would know, she was on her way. I think, someday this is all going to end, will I remember, will she remember, then I think I should have bought the growler.


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