Feudo Croce Primitivo ‘Imperio LXXIV’ 2015


Recently I feel I’ve had a pretty hot hand at picking wines.  Foradori, Aluado, and Amerlior were all very good wines.  I haven’t cooled off yet. The “Imperio” is a very impressive wine too.

Primitivo is Zinfandel with an Italian accent.  Same grape.  Our wine is a Primitivo di Manduria.  High in alcohol and tannins.  Some of these wines have alcohol levels around 18%.  Our wine is 14.5%.  The Italian home for Primitivo is Puglia.  Historians believe the grape arrive in Italy from Croatia.  The name Primitivo translates as “early one” and there is a connection to Spain, Tempranillo, also means the same thing.

The first thing I notice about our wine was the bottle.  Big and heavy.  If this bottle were a ship, it would be a heavy cruiser or pocket battleship.  Color was a cross between a ruby and garnet red.  Nose hinted of red fruit, spice and chocolate.  This is a full bodied wine.  Notes of blackberry, licorice and chocolate all wrapped in silky tannins.  This wine tastes 2 to 3 times above it price level.  

This wine is rated a 96 by Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani, One of Italy’s best wine rating publications.  This annual describes and evaluates the best wines of Italy.  It also is a great informational tool and contains detailed tasting notes.  Wine Spectator rated this wine in the top 100 for 2014 and 2015.

Here is a link so you can see the Feudo Croce vineyard.


Now let me tell you a true story about the power of wine.  A young man goes to his father and says “Papa, I don’t know what to do about my wife.  Everyday she loses her temper at me for no reason.  It’s worrying me”.

Papa says, son, wine can fix that”.  How Papa?  When your wife starts getting angry, go get some wine, sip some and swish it in your mouth.  Don’t swallow it, just swish, swish, swish.  Keeping doing this until she calms down or she leaves the room.

So the young man does what his Papa told him.  Two weeks go by.  Papa how did you know of the miracle of the wine?  I did what you told me every time my wife got angry I got the wine and swish, swish, swish and soon she calmed down.  I didn’t know wine could do that.  Tell me Papa, what in the wine swishing in your mouth causes her to calm down.

Papa said, The wine does nothing.  Keeping you mouth shut and not pissing her off is the trick!

See wine is powerful stuff.


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