I live in East Hampton, CT. I work for an electronics distributor. I fell in love with wine after I had a heart attack in 2011. I have three kids, two of whom helped me create this blog.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for visiting my work at theillustratedwine.wordpress.com
    You’ve got great posts here and I wondered, as I was flipping around, if you know of a wine seller’s blog out of the UK (I’m in Canada) called Nick’s Blog. You share the same genuinely curious and ego-free tone (so refreshing!). Check him out at
    I’ll bet you’d like his writing. Solid and chock full of interesting info.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog as my wife and I appear to enjoy wine as much as you do. My only question is why dont you put an approximate price in your write ups? You should try Jonathan Edwards vineyards in North Stonington and Salt Water vineyard in Stonington if you havent already. Both have great physical plants and grounds to sit and enjoy a glass. We also enjoyed both of their Chardonnay’s.

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